NSW Farmers to host farm energy expo

NSW Farmers’ Association will be hosting a Farm Energy Expo at the Australian National Field Days in Borenore, NSW, on 23-25 October 2014. The expo will run all three days and will give farmers the opportunity to meet with energy experts and engineers, attend presentations to ask questions about their own properties and energy issues.

Presentation sessions will cover topics including energy efficiency in broad acre farming and intensive farming, farm vehicle efficiency and renewable energy opportunities.
Sessions will include personal accounts by farmers who have participated in farm energy pilots and have implemented energy efficiency measures.

In addition NSW Farmers will be presenting findings from its ongoing Farm Energy Innovation Program which has identified major opportunities for electricity, diesel and natural gas savings across all farming sectors.

Diesel savings for farm vehicles between five and 30 percent are possible by using proper vehicle setup. Farmers with intensive operations, such as those in the dairy, chicken, pork or feedlot industries can realise major savings opportunities by looking at technologies like variable speed drives on pumps and mills, solar hot water systems or more efficient heating and ventilation systems.

Dairy and horticulture farmers should also be examining their spend on cold storage, as new cooling equipment and insulation technologies can dramatically reduce the energy required for maintaining products at desired temperatures.

Farmers are encouraged to bring their electric bills as there will be opportunities to review current rates and options for retail discounts. Other topics discussed will include de-regulation of the electricity market and what this means for those looking to get the best rates on electricity.

Leading national energy consulting group Energetics will be on hand to answer questions and provide expert advice on the national energy market, future price forecasts and to answer general technology questions.

The Farm Energy Innovation Program is funded by the Federal Department of Industry under is Energy Efficiency Information Program.

For more information about the energy expo please contact the NSW Farmers' energy hotline on 02 9478 1013 or visit http://www.nswfarmers.org.au/r-and-d/farm-energy-innovation-program/farm-energy-efficiency-expo


29 September 2014

Contact: Gerry Flores

Phone: 02 9478 1013

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