NSW Farmers welcomes water management changes

NSW Farmers has welcomed a bill tabled in NSW parliament on changes to the Water Management Act 2000 - a key piece of legislation regulating the taking and use of water in NSW.

NSW Farmers water spokesperson and Binya farmer Helen Dalton said: “There were a number of anomalies in the act which restricted our members’ ability to operate sustainably in the water market. We’re glad to see the new water minister proactively addressing these issues by tabling this bill.”

“The changes, if passed through parliament, provide a new framework for the issuing of floodplain harvesting licences as well as creating a new dealing for licence holders so that allocations can be traded on a temporary rather than permanent basis. 
“For water sharing plans, the bill also seeks to change what will be considered ‘worst periods of low inflows’ when establishing the amount of water held back for high security users.

“The clock will be set to when the relevant water sharing plan commenced so that during the calculation of appropriate allocations based on historical flow information, the severity of the millennium drought won’t lock up water in drought reserves. This has been an issue for NSW Farmers’ members and we are glad to see this fixed.

“We encourage both houses of parliament to support the sensible changes put forward in this bill,” Ms Dalton concluded.        

2 June 2014

Contact: Danica Leys

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