NSW Farmers wins project to address wild dog issues

NSW Farmers has secured industry funding from Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) to implement a $500,000 innovative new project aimed at reducing wild dog predation in Western NSW. It is the first in what NSW Farmers hopes will be a series of projects across the state.

NSW Farmers’ President Fiona Simson said wild dogs are an enormous problem not only across NSW but across the country.

A recent study from the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre shows that without a substantial and co-ordinated effort, wild dogs may eliminate the sheep industry from entire pastoral zones in Australia within 30-40 years.

“We are in the business of looking for solutions for farmers. Coordination is particularly important in areas such as western NSW where distances to travel are greater and there are a larger number of absentee landowners,” she said.

“The role of the coordinator will be to work with all key stakeholders and to complement existing projects to achieve on-the-ground outcomes to combat wild dog predation.”

Ms Simson acknowledged the role will be challenging but said the coordinator would be well supported by an expert advisory committee and NSW Farmers’ staff.

“Being based in Dubbo, the coordinator will have access to networks of government agencies that are active in wild dog control such as the Livestock Health and Pest Authority and the Department of Primary Industries - also partners in the project,” she said.

NSW Farmers’ national wild dog representative Mark Horan said the project complements the association’s representative roles and the work it is doing through the National Wild Dog Management Advisory Group and the Pest Animal Council.

“We are also working towards setting up similar projects in other parts of the state and encourage all landholders to apply for industry grants which are available for funding activities such as baiting and local wild dog management group activities,” he said.

The project advisory committee will meet in mid July with the coordinator position to be advertised and appointed shortly after. The project will run for 3 years.

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