Opportunity missed for native vegetation reform

Farmers today have been let down in their quest to seek a more workable, flexible and farmer friendly set of rules for native vegetation management in New South Wales.

The Native Vegetation Amendment Bill 2014, originally introduced by the NSW Shooters and Fishers Party in May, was voted down in the Upper House by the government tonight.
NSW Farmers’ President Fiona Simson expressed deep disappointment in the decision that saw government members join The Greens and Labor in voting down the Bill.
“There has been a clear expectation from rural constituents that this issue would be addressed and fixed in the current term of government. The opportunity was put right in front of the government to make some sensible changes but unfortunately that opportunity has been clearly missed,” she said.
“While the changes proposed in the original Bill were not the entire solution, they were a significant improvement on the current restrictions faced by farmers in sustainably managing their farms.
“The Bill that went before parliament was straightforward and made some minor corrections to some very flawed rules around native vegetation management.
“This issue isn’t over and while we are participating fully in the independent biodiversity review that is currently underway - let’s not sugar coat it. Today our farmers were let down and are frustrated to say the least. Even if the biodiversity review reports this month, it will be a long time before we see meaningful legislative change.
“We thank the NSW Shooters and Fishers Party and Christian Democrats for their support tonight.  With the state election in March, we will continue to work very hard on this issue for the benefit of our rural and regional communities and most importantly our farmers,” Ms Simson concluded.


11 November 2014 

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