Put your money where your mouth is with inland rail

NSW Farmers’ Association has called on the Federal Government to commit funding for the build of inland rail.

At the association’s Executive Council Meeting in Dubbo today, the membership voted unanimously that the number one priority is that government should commit to and invest in the inland rail.

Association President Derek Schoen said: “In light of the competed inland rail cost-benefit analysis, we are pushing for an immediate decision by the Federal Government.”

“We need to see real intermodal transfer and to achieve that we need action now. This project will get trucks off the road and freight onto rail.

“Good use of public money requires a fully costed project, with a clearly articulated business case to deliver long term, sustainable productive benefits to rural and regional Australia.

“Our members also confirmed that the project needs to operate under open access principles, fully interoperable with branch lines and rolling stock to allow compatibility with lines to alternate ports. This is what will drive competition for farmers.

“We want government to carefully consider all the options available to guarantee the best result for farmers – ensuring maximum efficiency, newer rolling stock and fair and reasonable rail access fees. It is critical that the builders and operators are backed by a viable business case.

“We’re delighted that Infrastructure Australia put the inland rail project on its priority list, released last month. It is now time for the Federal Government to commit to build it,” Mr Schoen concluded.



3 March 2016 

Contact: Jaimie Lovell

Phone: 02 9478 1008

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