Regional infrastructure commitment welcomed

NSW Farmers welcomed the NSW budget today which commits to delivering significant funding for the regions as part of a record spend on infrastructure across the state.

NSW Farmers President Fiona Simson said the association was particularly pleased with the government’s budget commitment to accelerate planning and development for some key regional infrastructure projects.

“We will continue to pursue constructive and swift progression of these important initiatives with government and hold it to account for commitments already made to regional and rural NSW,” she said.

NSW Farmers was also pleased the budget for the Department of Primary Industries remained unchanged at $1.3 billion for priming the economic growth that agriculture brings to our state’s economy.

Ms Simson said she was concerned that Local Land Services – the government’s key extension services to the agriculture industry – had its operating budget reduced from $43.5 to $35 million, adding the association would be seeking further details on this matter.

“We also welcome the first tranche of the NSW drought strategy programs focused on preparedness. However further assistance for ‘in-event’ drought assistance is needed now,” she said.

Ms Simson said she looked forward to seeing more granularity around the government’s budget and in particular on pre-election commitments made in its Memorandum of Understanding with NSW Farmers.

This included commitments to fund greater extension services for Local Land Services, an ongoing flying fox netting program and a cross-commodity quality assurance strategy as well as progressing development of a cattle underpass scheme.

The NSW Government and NSW Farmers signed a Memorandum of Understanding prior to the state election in March which included a $6 billion commitment for regional infrastructure from the poles and wires lease.

In today’s state budget, several important regional projects were given accelerated funding including: 
•      $16.5 million for the Regional Road Freight Corridor
•      $7.35 million for the Bridges for the Bush
•      $1 million for Regional Growth Roads


22 June 2015

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