Renewable energy calculator launched

NSW Farmers has developed and launched an online calculator to help households and small farm businesses to test the financial viability of investing in solar PV and batteries.

The online calculator was launched to coincide with Tesla’s announcement that Australia would be the first market to receive its PowerWall battery which, along with other battery products, is expected to significantly accelerate the penetration of renewable energy across Australia.

NSW Farmers energy expert Gerry Flores cautioned households and small to medium farm businesses to adopt a conservative approach to this new technology.

“It’s important for farm business owners to consider whether energy storage is right for them before they make any substantial investments,” he said.

Mr Flores, a photovoltaics engineer who developed the calculator, said it could estimate potential savings and the financial case for several scenarios in NSW including:

  • installing a new conventional solar PV system
  • installing a new solar PV system in combination with a battery or
  • installing a new battery for an existing solar installation.

To help households and farm businesses better understand and utilise the calculator, NSW Farmers will hold a webinar on Friday 22 January at 10:30am. For further information or to register click here.

The webinar will address new developments in energy storage and solar PV and give attendees a run-down on the functioning of the calculator tool. For more information about the calculator click here.


11 January 2016

Contact: Gerry Flores

Phone: 1300 794 000

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