Grower opportunities with the Rosella acquisition.

NSW Farmers has welcomed the acquisition of Australia's well regarded manufacturer Rosella by Australian beverage company Sabrands.

The association's horticulture spokesperson Mr Peter Darley said the sale to Sabrands, which sources produce including beetroot, oranges and pears from Griffith, NSW, secured the future of an important food manufacturer in Australia by Australians.

Mr Darley said this was a good sign for growers because it meant Rosella would now look locally for 100 percent of its produce and that was good news for NSW growers and Australian consumers.

We’re also pleased that Sabrands recognises the importance of protecting Australian food brands and companies in a world of foreign owned multinationals - a message that our major political parties are yet to grasp," he said.

"This is an important development after the recent announcement that SPC Ardmona, which is looking at the viability of its processing facilities in Shepparton, Victoria, had cut many of its supplier contracts in half.

"Australia is renowned for it clean green environment and produce and that is what consumers want and expect.

"NSW Farmers is a strong advocate against cheap imported foods which places undue pressure on growers and we will continue to stand up for a strong processing sector which supports Australian growers," Mr Darley concluded.

Sabrands is a family owned and operated Australian business which owns the Sunraysia Beverage Company and Devondale Sparkling Juices.

NSW Farmers is the largest state farming association in Australia working to ensure a sustainable future for farmers and rural and regional communities in NSW.

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