Simson to lead NSW Farmers into 2013

Ms Fiona Simson will lead NSW Farmers Association for the next 12 months following her re-election today as president.

Today, she was successfully elected at NSW Farmers Annual Conference at the Concourse in Chatswood, Sydney.

Ms Simson is a farmer from the Liverpool Plains where she and her husband Ed run a 5,5000 hectare mixed farming enterprise including broad acre farming as well as commercial and stud poll Hereford cattle. She was first elected president of NSW Farmers in 2011 on a platform of renewal, excellence and inclusiveness.

“Now is a critical time for our industry and our association. Change is essential at both a state and federal government level to guarantee our relevance and guarantee a strong future. Now, more than ever, we need people in the same room, working for the same goals and the same future,” she said.

“The way forward is through open discussion and fair, transparent and respectful debate, but above all else through a sense of unity, as part of the big, positive and productive picture of agriculture.

“I look forward to continuing to work with members and key stakeholders to ensure that farmers have a sustainable future in NSW and consumers have a reliable supply of quality food and fibre.

“Thank you to Xavier Martin for engaging in the election process and ensuring that we have a healthy and robust association. I hope he continues to engage in the different levels of our organisation,” Ms Simson concluded.

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