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16 January 2014

Helen Dalton - Board Meeting

Coal seam gas development is a relatively new industry in NSW. While there is well-known concern about CSG, some landholders and communities in NSW haven’t had to worry about CSG until now.
Grainger Energy Pty Ltd recently advertised five new petroleum exploration licence applications in the Riverina region.
NSW Farmers is seeking more information on the applications and what, if granted, the company intends to do with the licence and over what timeframe. It is believed the company will be exploring for CSG. In the meantime, NSW Farmers successfully pursued an extension to the 28 day timeframe from the date of these advertisements which means landholders can now comment on these licences in a formal way up until 11 February.
Grainger is new to the Riverina and the locals here are “newbies” when it comes to CSG. The situation highlights the need for these companies to engage with the community. If there is one thing that landholders in hotly contended CSG areas of NSW will tell you for free - it is that transparency and good faith are key. It is so important that a CSG explorer is open, easily contactable and provides information on the company’s activities and intentions.
NSW Farmers is not against mining or gas activity but we don’t want this industry developed at the expense of agricultural land and water, rural communities or landholders. We believe in the protection of our natural resources and that ecologically sustainable development is in the best interest of our rural communities. But the science and legal context of CSG are extremely complex and improvements need to be made to the legislation regulating this industry. 
We initiated our mining and CSG communications project last year to help landholders with this complexity. It hosts a hotline, runs free workshops around the state and produces fact sheets covering all aspects of the industries and landholders. Our project team has up to date factual information on the legal framework and process of obtaining access for CSG exploration on private land. In response to concerns about the Riverina applications, NSW Farmers will hold a workshop in Hay on 22 January from 2.30-5.00pm at the Hay Services Club as well as in Griffith on the 23 January from 11am-1.30pm at the Griffith Leagues Club. We invite all landholders to attend our workshops.

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