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 30 January 2014

Fiona Simson - President

The election process for new positions with Local Land Services NSW has created a continuous stream of calls to our association from confused and concerned members.

The confusion has been such that we have had to request the new agency to produce a fact sheet to help guide farmers through the convoluted process.

This is in addition to our concerted effort to inform our members directly about each step of the process. Not a great start for any agency.

But it is still important for local farmers to be the main influence on the culture and leadership of the LLS. NSW Farmers has called for its members to engage with their local branches and district councils to put up local candidates and ensure that they are well supported by rate paying farmers.

While we will continue to strive for improvements to the LLS so that it will truly focus on the issues that matter to productive farmers, the election of board members by rate payers is the opportunity for localised action that will ensure that issues important to farmers, such as the delivery of agronomic and biosecurity services, are entrenched as key functions that the LLS will undertake.

Make sure they are returned to the returning officer in Dubbo by this time with a candidate profile. Applications for the electoral roll close at 5:00pm on 17 February and must go to your local LLS office. Additional information is available on the LLS website.

For the LLS model to be successful in delivering practical outcomes and for rural communities to have ownership of any outcomes, a good mix of production experience and management will be important.

Once enrolled, all persons on the electoral roll will receive the ballot papers in the mail which need to go back to your local LLS office before 5:00pm 12 March 2014.  Election results will be announced on 14 March 2013. Good luck to all our nominees.

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