Tread carefully with inland rail

Farmers from across NSW have called for greater consultation around the planning of any proposed inland rail route.

NSW Farmers strongly supports the development of an inland rail line, such as the line proposed between Melbourne and Brisbane by the Australian Rail Track Corporation.

The construction of an inland rail line will reduce supply chain costs increasing farm gate returns.

NSW Farmers’ President-elect, Derek Schoen, said: “Inland rail is the missing infrastructure link on Australia’s East coast. It is vital to the creation of new markets, opportunities and efficiencies for farmers across the state.”

“However, it is important that the rail line’s construction does not undercut its benefits.”

The NSW Farmers’ motion, moved by the Moree District Council, called for planning agencies and contractors involved with inland rail to consult with land owners so that amenity and access to properties and infrastructure is not degraded by its construction.

Mr Schoen emphasised: “This project is too important.”

“We want farmers to support inland rail all the way through. Poor engagement now may have negative consequences for the project.”

Disappointingly, the recently released Agricultural White Paper did not contain any funding for inland rail.

NSW Farmers, alongside the National Farmers Federation, will continue to lobby Federal Government to fund this vital infrastructure.


15 July 2015 


Contact: Charlie Cull

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