Weeds management paper welcomed

NSW Farmers welcomed the release of the NSW Natural Resources Commission’s draft report on weed management in NSW.

The draft report outlines a number of recommendations and plans for strategic weed management in NSW - an issue that is costing NSW agricultural businesses an annual amount of $475 million.

Chair of the NSW Farmers Conservation and Resource Management Committee Mitchell Clapham is optimistic about the implementation of the report.

He said NSW Farmers had recommended the commission consider the role of the newly formed Local Land Services agency as being crucial to promoting harmonisation across weed jurisdictions.

“We call for urgent action to deliver an appropriately resourced, state-wide, strategic approach to weed control across all tenures. We are pleased to note the commission’s inclusion of these points in the draft report,” he said.

“It is imperative the NSW Government and the Minister act on these recommendations and do not let this report sit on the shelf and gather dust.

“NSW Farmers looks forward to the continuation of the review, strong leadership in weed management and moving towards a tenure-neutral approach and strengthened responses to weed incursions.” 

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