Western Division farmers applaud drought relief

Dubbo, NSW:  NSW Farmers’ Western Division Council today applauded the NSW Government’s decision to make emergency drought relief available to farmers in the north-west of the state.

Chair of the Western Division Council Wayne Newton said he was pleased the government  recognised the critical need for immediate assistance to communities that have been crippled by an extended, severe drought.

“The Western Division Council would like to thank the government for offering important transport rebates to producers in our region,” Mr Newton said.

“The extent of the drought is unprecedented out here. Dams that have never dried up in living memory are now dry and the community is doing it tough.

“Farmers have prepared for drought as best they can, but you can’t drought proof a property against the sort of conditions we’ve had,” he said.

Mr Newton said it was particularly encouraging Minister Hodgkinson had recognised that primary production was critical to rural communities.

“The impact of a drought is felt well beyond the farm gate,” he said.

“Farmers are important employers, customers and leaders within our communities and helping farmers will support the sustainability of our regions.

“Farmers and the rural communities they belong to have been here for generations and we will continue to manage these adverse conditions we are dealt from time to time so we can continue to feed and clothe Australia and the world,” Mr Newton concluded.

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