Young farmers talk finance in Dubbo

NSW young farmers will converge on Dubbo tomorrow [Saturday 15 August] to talk about solutions to one of the biggest challenges facing youth in agriculture – young farmer finance.

NSW Young Farmers Council secured a commitment from the NSW Government to establish the first NSW roundtable on young farmer finance as part of a memorandum of understanding signed between NSW Farmers and the Coalition in March 2015. 
Young farmer spokesperson Tim Carroll from Orange said: “Finding the finance to get into farming is not easy but we realise that it’s on our shoulders to find solutions, secure finance and establish ourselves in a business which ensures the future of food and fibre production in our country.”
“We want to send a clear message to government in the lead up to the roundtable later this year that young farmers are focussed on solutions. We want the roundtable to be focussed on finding solutions and looking at overcoming legitimate barriers.
“Our forum tomorrow will be about learning and sharing ideas. I will be speaking about my journey and we will also hear from specialists in agribusiness finance Robinson Sewell Partners.
“We are also asking all young farmers to fill out a survey to help us better understand the broad range of challenges being faced by young farmers so that where we can, we can look to link them into appropriate services.
“Our young farmers want the government roundtable to be a sensible and balanced discussion that identifies the barriers that have been identified through an evidence-based discussion.
“We look forward to the government roundtable later this year where we plan to bring reasonable and achievable ideas to the table for discussion,” said Tim.

14 August 2015 




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