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Farm Card

As a member of the NSW Farmers' Association you get access to the exclusive benefits and rewards offered through your FarmCard Members Benefits program.

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We would like to acknowledge and thank the support of the following Sponsors and Partners.

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Mining and Coal Seam Gas Communications Project

The NSW Farmers Mining and Coal Seam Gas Communications Project is a one-stop-shop for farmers and landholders for up to date and accurate information on mining and coal seam gas in New South Wales.

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Chemical Accreditation Course

Did you know the NSW Pesticides Act requires users of pesticides to have training?  Common examples of pesticides are herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pour ons, 1080, rat poison and many other substances.

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Industrial relations

Members receive access to specialist advice and advocacy on awards, wages, workers compensation, unfair dismissal and employment documentation.

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Legal and tax support

A free email service that puts you in direct contact with a network of specialists Australia-wide who can help answer your legal and tax questions.

Member Forum

The NSW Farmers Members Forum provides a platform where members of the Association can meet, interact, network and discuss anything related to farming. Through this forum, we are giving our members the opportunity to ask questions, voice opinions, give advice and contribute to the vast arraying of topics surrounding farming.

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For more information about sponsorship opportunities and to be a part of the NSW Farmers sponsor family, please contact NSW Farmers on 1300 794 000.

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