ICH - Fuel Cards, Vehicle Management and Wholesale Tyres

International Commodities House is a diversified company headquartered in Sydney.  Our business activities include trading in physical commodities and providing commercial products and services to Agriculture and Commercial businesses across Australia.
Fuel cards come at a fee of $3.00 per month.

Offer details

ICH’s Caltex Fuel Card Offer:
Unleaded Petrol 91 - 3cPL discount
Vortex 95 - 3cPL discount
Vortex 98 - 3cPL discount
Vortex Diesel - 3cPL discount
Diesel/Bio-Diesel - 3cPL discount

ICH’s Shell Fuel Card Offer:

Unleaded / Unleaded 95 / Unleaded E10 / Premium Unleaded - 2cPL discount
Automotive Diesel - 2cPL discount 
V-Power/Shell Autogas - n/a

- Card Fee of $3.00 per card per month
- For each vehicle brought in for Servicing, Maintenance, Batteries, Tyres or Roadside Assistance, ICH shall waive the fuel card fee for that vehicle that month.

Vehicle Fleet Management

ICH Vehicle Fleet Management services are based on national fleet pricing and NSW Farmers Association Members have access to outlets and brands such as Kmart Tyre and Auto, Tyrepower, Bridgestone, Ultratune, Goodyear/Dunlop and Lubemobile. 

Wholesale Tyres

ICH wholesale tyres includes tyre brands from Sumitomo, Falken and Bridgestone and are based on wholesale pricing and can be delivered next day to most states across Australia. 

For additional products and services like bulk fuel and soft commodities please visit www.int-ch.com

How to Access the offer

Browse the website www.int-ch.com, call Ambrose on (02) 8035 4407 or send an email to info@int-ch.com.
Be sure to provide your NSW Farmers membership number.