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Over 90 years experience looking after insurance needs of people on the land.

One of Australia’s leading rural insurers, WFI has a longstanding alliance with  NSW Farmers and a record of helping our members. It offers a high level of face-to-face personalised service. Contact WFI for an assessment of your insurance needs or to get an obligation free quote.

NSW Farmers members who hold WFI policies may be eligible to a discounted NSW Farmers membership fee if they have notified WFI that NSW Farmers is their preferred agent. For further information on the available rebate click here.

Call WFI on 1300 934 934 or visit


Origin Energy

Start saving on your Energy Usage

Origin has been supplying Australian businesses with energy for over 150 years and is the preferred energy supplier of the NSW Farmers’ Association.

We have special offers for NSW Farmers’ Association members which are available for both businesses and residential accounts. That means your house, pumps, irrigation, sheds, and other meters on your property are all covered, so you only ever have to deal with one supplier.

We like to make it easy for you to deal with us so as a customer, you’ll have access to our Australian-based dedicated Business Centre. Only a phone call away, the Origin Business Centre offer a specialised service for owners of businesses like yours.

For more information call the Origin’s NSW Farmers’ hotline on 1800 240 240 and enter promo code 131 or visit


Prime Super

The super fund dedicated to regional and rural Australia.

As a NSW Farmers’ member you’ll enjoy access to low fees and a diverse range of investment options and flexible insurance products. Prime Super also has a team of highly skilled Regional Managers who can answer any questions you have and help you make the right choice. In NSW Geoff Higgins services the Central NSW area and can be contacted on 0488 072222, Scott Boyle services the Southern NSW area and can be contacted on 0488 989444 and Wayne Wright services Northern NSW and can be contacted on 0407 777449.

You can visit the Funds web site at for more information, superannuation facts sheets or fund documentation.



As one of Australia’s fastest growing health funds we’ve been providing health insurance to Australians for over 60 years and now cover over 900,000 customers around Australia.

NSW Farmers partnership with nib, gives all members a great deal on private health insurance – including an 8%* discount on current nib products.

You can visit nib's web site at for more information.



Activ8me are Australia's largest retail satellite broadband service provider having connected over 40,000 customers to their satellite broadband service. They have since expanded to become a retail service provider of the National Broadband Network servicing regional Australia with NBN Satellite and NBN Fixed Wireless.

Activ8me offers NSW Farmers members 1 month free when connecting to Activ8me broadband on a 12 or 24 month contract. 

Call Activ8me on ph 13 22 88 and mention NSW Farmers or visit their website.

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