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Tax Advice



Do you have a tax question that you need answered?

For example:

  • Do I  have to register the family trust for GST?
  • I live on a rural property, partly used to run a cattle and horse breeding business. I bought the property after 19 September 1985, do I pay Capital Gains Tax when I sell the property?
  • As an employer, when am I not required to pay superannuation support to my employees?
  • I own a share in a racehorse. Do I pay Capital Gains Tax if I sell it for profit?
  • Is a credit card slip enough as a receipt?
  • I am leaving to travel overseas, do I need to complete my tax return before I leave?

This confidential e-mail service is free* to you and you can expect a response within 3 working days of lodging your query.  All accountants providing advice to you through this service are Certified Practising Accountants or Chartered Accountants with at least 3 years professional experience.

What type of advice can I ask for?

  • You can ask any question relating to taxation matters within Australia.

How do I access free taxation advice and guidance?

  • Simply click on the below link and follow the instructions.

This email based tax advice service is designed to give easy access to advice and guidance on any personal and/or business taxation matter within Australia. This confidential and convenient service provides  tax advice and/or guidance through a nationwide network of accountancy firms.

While an initial FREE* response will be provided by email and/or by telephone within 3 working days, if the matter is complex or difficult it may be necessary for the practising accountant to obtain further information from you (by email or telephone) to successfully deal with the query. This process could take more than 3 working days.

Please be aware that further, or ongoing, assistance beyond the minimum entitlement of 3 free contacts to the accountant and responses provided within the scope of this service, may be subject to fees.

If the query cannot be dealt with within the minimum entitlement of 3 free contacts and responses the practising accountant dealing with the query may:

  • clearly explain to the member that further, or ongoing, tax advice and/or guidance will be subject to professional fees; or
  • recommend that the member seek further, or ongoing, tax advice and/or guidance from a local practising accountant which will also be subject to professional fees.


Whilst the NSW Farmers Association continues to take reasonable care in providing the information contained on this site, the Association cannot guarantee that the site will contain all the information you require to answer your questions.

The Association cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information or advice provided by third parties linked to this site.  The Association accepts no responsibility for any information or legal advice derived from any linked sites.

The Association does not read your questions and/or advice provided, but merely forwards your question to the Assistance Centre (TAC) site (being a third party site) which processes your request by referring your question to an independent firm of accountants.

If you wish to use this service, you agree to waive any and all claims against the NSW Farmers Association and will not join the Association in any legal proceedings.

If you require any further information or assistance please contact Member Services on 1300 794 000.

By clicking on on the Agree button I acknowledge that I have read the disclaimer & accept its terms.



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