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David Eyre

General Manager, Research & Development

Ph: (02) 9478-1042
Email: eyred@nswfarmers.org.au

Energy Productivity

NSW Farmers has delivered several energy programs focusing on efficiency, renewable energy, and productivity:

Energy Innovation Program

The program has produced practical tools and advice to help farmers analyse their energy use and identify solutions. In addition to innovation case studies on 20 representative farms, the program has delivered seminars on energy efficiency for farmers, training for local energy professionals in farm energy auditing and a range of information materials and tools available on the aginnovators.org.au web portal.

Solar powered pumping initiative

This project delivered a range of information and tools about using solar power in irrigation and stock and domestic pumping. Resources, including a detailed manual can be viewed on the aginnovators.org.au web portal.

Australian Dairy Farmers Energy Productivity Program

NSW Farmers and Australian Dairy Farmers have joined forces to deliver this program focused on promoting efficiency measures and seeing a greater portion of farmers move to the implementation phase. The new program will build on the information resources generated as part of Dairy Australia‚Äôs previous EEIG program and on work developed through NSW Farmers own energy innovation program. It will provide fully subsidised energy auditing services and focus on selected Dairy farms in NSW that are prepared to implement energy saving measures. In addition to these tailored services, the program will deliver on-farm workshops to support a  campaign that enables other dairy farms to improve their energy productivity.


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