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Dairy Farmers Energy Productivity Program


NSW Farmers and Australian Dairy Farmers have joined forces to deliver a new Energy Productivity Program for Dairy Farmers.


In 2014 Dairy Australia finalised their Energy Efficiency Information Program. This program focused on delivering energy audits and disseminating energy efficiency information. The program was a success and enabled many dairy farmers to identify energy savings; It was also useful to recognise key target areas and identified that farmers are prepared to implement recommendations.

NSW Farmers is in a position to pick up from this lead and promote efficiency measures from selected suppliers so as to see a greater portion of farmers move to the implementation phase. The new program will build on the information resources generated as part of Dairy Australia’s program and on work developed through NSW Farmers own energy innovation program.

The program will provide fully subsidised energy auditing services and focus on selected Dairy farms in NSW that are prepared to implement energy saving measures. The selected participants will receive:

  • An on-site energy audit for your dairy farm business,
  • a detailed energy audit report identifying energy efficiency opportunities, and their financial business case, and
  • support from the NSW Farmers, ADF and project partners (including providers) to help implement opportunities.

In addition to these tailored services, the program will deliver on-farm workshops to support a campaign that enables other dairy farms to improve their energy productivity.

The program will focus on the areas responsible for the highest energy use in dairy as identified by Dairy Australia's Smarter energy use on Australian dairy farms program and seek to partner with service providers to provide solutions. These key areas are:

  • milk cooling,
  • hot water, and
  • milk harvesting.

Technologies to alleviate energy costs in these areas may include:

  • Solar-hot-water
  • Heat recovery units (HRUs) and pre-coolers
  • Efficient chillers
  • Efficient vacuum pumps (VSDs)

Dairy businesses may complete a survey form by clicking here to register their interest to participate.

Participants do not need to be members of the NSW Farmers' Association to be eligible.


More information on the energy used in dairy's is available as part of the resources generated by Dairy Australia and NSW Farmers' energy efficiency programs. Links to this content have been provided below:




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