Delegate Registration

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Annual Conference - Branch Authorised Delegates

Article 23.7 of the Association's Constitution states:

(a) Each Branch will be entitled to be represented at the Annual Conference by:

(i) two delegates; and
(ii) if there are more than twenty (20) Members of that Branch, one (1) additional delegate for every additional twenty (20) Members, or part thereof, of that Branch after the first twenty (20) Members.

(b) Each Branch must notify the Chief Executive Officer at least one (1) week prior to the date of Annual Conference the names of the Branch Delegates. If such notice is not received by the Chief Executive Officer, any Branch Delegate must, if so required, present a letter authenticating his or her appointment as a Branch Delegate signed by the Branch Chair or Branch Secretary of the Branch he or she represents.

Attendance/Branch Representation – Those Entitled to Vote

Article 23.3 (a) of the Association's Constitution states:

(a) The Annual Conference will consist of the following Members each of whom will be eligible to attend and eligible to exercise one vote:

(i) all members of the Executive Council at the commencement of the Annual Conference; and
(ii) all Branch Delegates.

(b) A Member cannot hold more than one delegate position at any one time.

Voting entitlement(s)

EC Members and Branch Delegates can only exercise one vote for the consideration of motions.

Article 23.6 of the Constitution states that Branch delegates have the full voting power of their respective Branch for the election of office bearers of the Association.

The above provision, read in conjunction with Article 23.3 of the Constitution means that for the purposes of election of senior office bearers, members of Executive Council at the start of Annual Conference have one vote each, while Branch Delegates can exercise the full voting power of their respective Branch. One person can only assume one position.

For example: If a Branch has been allocated with 3 voting rights and there is only one Delegate registered, the one Registered Delegate can exercise 3 votes during elections of office bearers. Should there be 3 voting rights and there are two Delegates registered, the two Registered Delegates will be required to confirm in writing how the three votes are to be split between them prior to the start of Conference.