Election for the following positions will be conducted during 2023 Annual Conference:

Board positions
        -  Treasurer
        -  3 x Board of Directors

Executive Council
        -  1 x P&A Councillor for regions 1 to 11 and region 13
        -  2 x P&A Councillor for region 12
        -  EC with Special Qualifications
Election for advisory committees will be conducted at the first Executive Council meeting held after the conclusion of Annual Conference on Thursday, 19 July 2023. Please see below for the nomination form.

During Annual Conference Proceedings, the elections will be carried out in accordance the 2023 ELECTION TIMETABLE (see below).

Please note that candidates for Board, Executive Council, advisory committees and s.29 specialist commodity committee positions must qualify as operating a business (or individuals employed by or representing the business) that meets the Primary Producer Business under Commonwealth taxation legislation. As part of the nomination process, candidates will be required to declare that they are a primary producer, employed by a primary producer business or designated by a primary producer business as its representative in the Association and commit to provide acceptable proof when required to do so. Click here for further information on acceptable proof of primary producer status. 

To access the policies and procedures applicable to elected members, including the Board Charter and the Elected Members Charter, click here

Board Positions

Nomination Forms

Director ID

Nominees for Board positions are required to supply a Director ID at point of nomination, because from 5 April 2022, intending directors are required by law to apply for a Director ID before being appointed. A Director ID is a 15-digit identifier given to a director (or someone who intends to become a director) who has verified their identity with the ABRS, it is a unique identifier that a director will apply for once and keep forever – which will help prevent the use of false or fraudulent director identities.

ALERT - Kindly note that applying for a Director ID is not a simple process, it cannot be completed on the day at Annual Conference as there are a number of identification documents required that members likely won’t have available at hand. Members intending to nominate for a Board position are strongly encouraged to obtain their Director ID application prior to attending Annual Conference. The quickest way to apply for a Director ID is online utilising a myGovID. Click here for further information. To apply for a Director ID, click here

NSW Farmers (Industrial) Association Nominations

- Treasurer (1)
- Member of the Executive Committee (3)
NFIA - Election Notice
(Adobe PDF File)
NFIA - Nomination Form
(Adobe PDF File)

Executive Council Positions & Advisory Committees

Nomination Forms

Election of EC Advisory Committees 

Election of the following Executive Council (EC) Advisory Committee will take place at the EC meeting after Annual Conference: 

1. Business, Economics and Trade Committee (9 positions)
2. Cattle Committee (7 positions)
3. Conservation and Resource Management Committee (8 positions)
4. Wool Committee (8 positions)
5. Grains Committee (8 positions)
6. Rural Affairs Committee (8 positions)
7. Sheepmeats Committee (8 positions)
8. Agricultural Science Committee (5 positions)
9. Animal Welfare Committee (3 positions)
Note: Nominees for other Board positions will be given 2 minutes each to address Conference. 

Curriculum Vitae submission

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is required when nominating for an Executive Council with Special Qualifications or an Advisory Committee position, CV's can be submitted via logging into the NSW Farmers' website here.

Election Timetable

Tuesday, 18 July (Conference Day 1)

 9:00am  Nominations for all positions due for election in 2023 OPEN
 11.15am  Nominations for Treasurer CLOSE
 11.50am – 12.00pm  Treasurer Nominees Address (2 minutes each)
 12.00pm-1.10pm  Treasurer Election
 2.00pm  Treasurer Election Result
 2.30pm  Nominations for 3 x Directors CLOSE
 3.15 - 3:25pm  3x Director Nominee Address (2 minutes each)
 3.25 – 4.30pm  3x Director Election
 5.30pm  3x Director Result

Wednesday, 19 July (Conference Day 2)

 9.00am  Nominations for P&A Councillors CLOSE
 10.00-11.00am  P&A Councillors Election
 12.30pm  P&A Councillors Result
 1.00pm  Nominations Councillors with SQ CLOSE
 1.15 to 2.00pm  Councillors with SQ Election
 3.00pm  Councillors with SQ Result
 4.00pm  Nominations Executive Council Advisory Committees CLOSE