About NSW Farmers

A profitable and sustainable New South Wales farming sector

The NSW Farmers’ Association is Australia’s largest State farming organisation representing the interests of its farmer members.

Farmers across New South Wales produce more than $15 billion worth of food and fibre every year, representing around one quarter of Australia’s total agricultural output. Our state’s unique geography means a wide variety of crops and livestock can be cultivated and nurtured. NSW Farmers is Australia’s only state farming organisation to represent the interests of farmers of all agricultural commodities – from avocados, tomatoes, apples, bananas and berries, through grains, pulses and lentils to oysters, cattle, dairy, goats, sheep, pigs and poultry.

Our focus is not just on issues affecting particular crops or animals – it extends to the environment, biosecurity, water, economics, trade and rural and regional affairs. We also have an eye on the future of agriculture; we are advocates for innovation in agriculture, striving to give our members access to the latest and greatest innovations in research, 

development and extension opportunities. Our industrial relations section provides highly specialised advice about labour and workplace matters.

Our 100-plus regional branch network ensures local voices guide and shape our positions on issues which affect real people in real communities. Members are the final arbiters of the policies of the Association – through our Annual Conference and elected forums such as Executive Council, members can lobby for the issues which matter to them and their community to become Association policy.  Our issue- and commodity-specific Advisory Committees are elected by members to provide specialist, practical advice to decision makers on issues affecting the sector. We are proudly apolitical – we put our members’ needs first.

In addition, NSW Farmers has partnerships and alliances with like-minded organisations, universities, government agencies and commercial businesses across Australia. We are a proud founding member of the National Farmers’ Federation.