FOCUS explained and our priorities

FOCUis a five pillar plan that identifies key areas where decision makers can influence the growth of our industry.  Lifting profitability and improving sustainability, along with investing in stronger biosecurity and regional communities, are essential to making agriculture this nation’s next $100 billion industry. 

To reach our aspiration of being the nation’s next $100 billion industry, we seek investment in the elements, outcomes and enablers which can ensure New South Wales lifts the value of its agricultural production.  How we can achieve this is outlined here.

Through a partnership with government, we seek investments in the sector which will grow the value of production and ensure New South Wales can lead the nation in the value of the production of our food and fibre.

The five pillars are (click on the icon to view full details of each pillar):

Foundations for a profitable future consolidates recent industry growth, trade and biosecurity advantages and builds on the solid foundations in the sector

Opportunity through innovation puts productivity at the front and centre of how we farm by using science, research and innovation to grow farming

Costs down, incomes up places an emphasis on profitability and margin maximisation in the context of rising input costs, competition imbalances and access to finance

Unlocking regional capacity recognises the need for investment in the areas which sustain, and are sustained by, agriculture

Stewardship of the land and our environment ensures our farming practices leave our greatest resource - our environment – stronger, and more resilient, for the future

On the eve of the 2019 State and Federal elections, NSW Farmers is calling for commitments from all political parties that will FOCUS, and place our agricultural sector, on a firm pathway to the $100 billion industry we aspire to be.

Our priorities for the 2019 state election are:

Foundation for a profitable future

  • $100 million for biosecurity to support efficient systems to manage incursions and greater awareness and education 
  • $10 million to legislate a Right to Farm, including through a Regional Planning Act and tackling farm trespass and illegal surveillance
  • $9 million to build food and fibre awareness, benchmark grazing best practice and support farming systems education

Opportunity through innovation

  • $5 million to link the Western Sydney Airport Fresh Food Precinct with regional food hubs
  • $10 million to support export readiness and next generation food production through the Future Food Systems Cooperative Research Centre
  • $50 million to upgrade and enhance efficiency of physical and digital water infrastructure
Costs down, incomes up

  • $60 million to reduce on-farm electricity costs and establish a regional electricity innovation fund 
  • $40 million to increase awareness and support for farm income protection insurance
  • $35 million for enhanced farming skills including business development, financial literacy, risk management and technical skills
Unlocking regional capacity

  • $8 billion for regional development - roads, rail and air, digital infrastructure, education and connected health services
  • $4.6 million to tackle Q-fever 
  • Appoint a dedicated Minister for Western New South Wales
Stewardship of the land and our environment

  • $50 million to further improve the balance between biodiversity, agriculture and the environment
  • $50 million in additional funding to improve pest and weed management on public and private land
  • $15 million to fund an independent Agricultural Advocate