Key wins for NSW Farmers

NSW Farmers advocates on behalf of its farmer members to deliver tangible outcomes for the farming community.  Since the last election, working together with other stakeholders, advocating for our industry and being proactive, we have achieved changes which are advancing the place of agriculture in our economy.

  • A new Biosecurity Act for New South Wales commenced on 1 July 2017
  • The successful $7 million flying fox netting scheme to protect vulnerable orchards
  • A new Horticulture Code of Conduct to better protect growers
  • Reform of pesticides regulations to recognise both the capabilities of growers and quality assurance schemes
  • Led industry discussions on spray drift issues
  • Established an industry panel to address concerns about farm machinery fire insurance
  • Country of origin labelling laws
  • With industry, implementation of a Grains Harvest Management Scheme
  • An investigation into multi-peril crop insurance, including rebates for advice about policies

  • $3 million for farmers to build livestock underpasses and the installation of warning lights 
  • Secured a national definition of free-range eggs
  • $200,000 for Q-fever awareness and rural GP training
  • Finalised a NSW Farmers representative position on the Stock Welfare Panel to ensure a balanced and fair approach under the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (POCTA) Act
  • Successfully opposed the development of a rangeland goat harvester licensing scheme 
  • Secured a commitment to develop a Mandatory Code of Conduct for the dairy industry 
  • Protected the mob based traceability system for sheep and goats
  • Developed a unified industry position on the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry that supports all production systems.


  • Commencement of reforms to native vegetation laws, with replacement of the Native Vegetation Act 2003 with the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016; however significant reform to better balance the needs of agriculture alongside the environment must still be delivered
  • Additional funding for Local Land Services (LLS)
  • A tenure-neutral approach to weeds and pest management
  • First ever ‘right to farm’ policy for New South Wales
  • Cap on kangaroo culling licences lifted
  • Management of Private Native Forestry (PNF) shifted from the EPA to the LLS, and lifting of restrictions on ‘allowables’ under the PNF Code.
  • Commitment to review Federal environmental law 
  • Administration of private native forestry (PNF) moved to the LLS
  • $240 million over five years for private land conservation, with a top-up of $70 million every year
  • Strengthening of landholders rights in mining and coal seam gas legislation
  • Enshrined in legislation the obligation for mining companies to pay landholders’ reasonable costs
  • Development of a landholder guide to mining and coal seam gas
  • Review of the economic and social impacts of the Murray Darling Basin Plan
  • Developed a Next Gen Compost Program with the LLS

  • $6 billion for regional infrastructure and transport
  • $10 billion inland rail to be funded by the Australian Government
  • Successfully lobbied against the adoption by Essential Energy of higher electricity charges, keeping prices 5-10 per cent lower for consumers
  • Collaborated with DPI to establish the Young Farmer Business Program, securing $6 million of program funding
  • Secured $165,000 to deliver ‘Tackling Rural Crime Workshops’ with NSW Police Force
  • Secured the retention of the legacy landline in the incoming Universal Service Guarantee
  • Funding for a ‘Consumer Connection’ project
  • Successful implementation of the effects test in competition law
  • Successfully lobbied for a foreign owned agricultural land register
  • Achieved commitment to increase digital literacy and telecommunications infrastructure for regional and rural Australia
  • Successfully advocated for a Coronial General Inquiry into the 2017 Sir Ivan Doherty Road bushfire
  • Assisted to secure the Rural Liaison Officer role with the NSW Rural Fire Service during fire season
  • Lobbied to achieve commitment of $1 billion by NSW Government to support drought relief and a $5 billion Drought Future Fund established by the Australian Government
  • Worked to achieve a harmonised National Class 1 Notice for Oversize Over Mass Agricultural Vehicle movements
  • $25 million for three new Doppler Radars for Western New South Wales

  • The Horticulture Award now recognises that packing operations may not occur on the same farm as the picking occurred; the same award now applies across the pre-farm gate supply chain in the horticulture industry
  • Quad Bike rebate funding and increased safety outcomes through a safety rating system 
  • Co-party contributor to National Farmers’ Federation proceedings to oppose extreme ACTU “family friendly work arrangements” that would have decreased on farm productivity
  • Limiting the impact of modern slavery and supply chain reporting requirements on farmers