Full Producer Basic Membership

FULL PRODUCER MEMBERSHIP is for those who have a proprietorial interest in a farm enterprise, are in a farm partnership or a corporate entity with a proprietorial interest in a farming enterprise, or a person employed in the management of a farm enterprise nominated by that enterprise as their representative. A Full Producer member can nominate 1 Second Vote member and up to 50 Additional members. (1 Voting Entitlement)

INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS (Employment relations)

A Full Producer Member automatically receives our basic Industrial Relations package. Our basic Industrial Relations (IRB) package provides you with assistance from NSW Farmers’ Industrial Relations specialist services including:

  • Collective representation - on modern award matters, minimum wage review, workers compensation.
  • Wage information - including wage guides issued annually.
  • Phone advice – 4 calls a year.

NSWF Full Producer Basic

Item Unit Price Quantity Amount
326.27 326.27
72.73 72.73
39.90 39.90
0.00 0.00
0.00 0.00
Item Unit Price Quantity Amount
N/A 1
N/A 1
Subtotal   438.90



I wish to apply for Membership of NSW Farmers’ Association and NSW Farmers’ (Industrial) Association and agree to be bound to their respective conditions & rules as amended from time to time. I declare that the information I have entered is true and correct.