Full Producer Essential Membership

FULL PRODUCER MEMBERSHIP is for those who have a proprietorial interest in a farm enterprise, are in a farm partnership or a corporate entity with a proprietorial interest in a farming enterprise, or a person employed in the management of a farm enterprise nominated by that enterprise as their representative. A Full Producer member can nominate 1 Second Vote member and up to 50 Additional members. (1 Voting Entitlement)


As a member you can upgrade to our Essentials industrial relations package, with this package you receive the following services in addition to IRB services outlined above:

  • Unlimited advice for any matters related to employment.
  • Assistance in liaising, negotiating and corresponding with the Fair Work Ombudsman's office.
  • Representation in employment matters handled by the relevant tribunals (e.g. Fair Work Australia).
  • Assistance with drafting and reviewing employment related correspondence, policies and procedures, employment agreements.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees:


Category 1:
0 to 2 FTE Employees $165
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Category 2:
More than 2 to 5 FTE Employees  $275
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Category 3:
More than 5 to 10 FTE Employees  $440
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Category 4:
More than 10 Full time equivalent staff? Call us on 1300 794 000 to discuss your needs.


I wish to apply for Membership of NSW Farmers’ Association and NSW Farmers’ (Industrial) Association and agree to be bound to their respective conditions & rules as amended from time to time. I declare that the information I have entered is true and correct.