Scone & Rouchel Brook Branches Combined Ann & Gen Meeting

Scone & Rouchel Brook Branches Combined Ann & Gen Meeting
Please join us at the combined NSW Farmers' Scone and Rouchel Brook Branches Annual and General meetings on Monday 15 July at the Scone RSL commencing at 6pm.

We hope to get a show of interest in revitalising the Scone Branch and discussing the possible merger between Scone and Rouchel Brook Branches. Your support is needed!

Guest Speakers

We will have Stephen Bignell the Senior Policy Advisor of Livestock for NSW Farmers. We will also have NSW Farmers Association Board Members Tim Duddy and Chris Kemp in attendance.

General Meeting of Scone Branch & Rouchel Brook Branch


Additional agenda item
Rouchel Brook Branch Motion to be moved by a member of Rouchel Brook Branch “That Rouchel Brook Branch merges with Scone branch and transfers all monies and investments to Scone Branch”. This is voted on by Rouchel Brook branch members present at the meeting.
- If successful
Scone Branch Motion to be moved by a member of Scone branch “That Scone branch merges with Rouchel Brook branch”
- If successful
The members of the now combined branch may consider a branch name change and how they might account for any transferred monies.
General Business
If the above motion is passed we will hold the Annual & General Meetings of the new branch, agenda below.

Annual Meeting Agenda 

Chairman's Report
Treasurers Report
Election of Office Bearers
Motion for Capitation Fees
Delegates for Annual Conference

Following the Annual General Meeting a General Meeting will be opened.

General Meeting Agenda 

General Business

Please note Five [5] voting members are required to form a quorum. The Branch is entitled to send Two [2] delegates to Annual Conference. Your support is required to make this meeting happen.

Finger food will be provided. Please RSVP for catering.

For further information please contact:  

Keith Miles - Rouchel Brook Branch Chair
02 6543 6222

Mick Collins - Regional Services Manager - Northern
0439 958 163 |
15/07/2019 6:00 PM - 15/07/2019 9:00 PM

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