NSW Farmers backs mandating mulesing pain relief

NSW Farmers supports industry taking the lead on mandating the use of pain relief during mulesing.
Delegates at the NSW Farmers Annual Conference voted to support mandating the use of pain relief during mulesing through an industry led initiative. 
NSW Farmers President James Jackson said the Association’s mulesing policy is focused on protecting the practice to ensure all farmers have access to effective flystrike management techniques and the highest welfare outcomes are achieved. 
“Our members’ decision to support mandating pain relief during mulesing through an industry initiative demonstrates our commitment to protecting the practice,” Mr Jackson said. 
“Mulesing is critical to the Australia sheep industry without an effective alternative for all farmers.” 
“Our members are concerned by movements in the market to demand non-mulesed wool. This step to support industry driving the mandating of pain relief highlights the need to actively defending the practice.”
“Industry must drive this initiative and explain to the market the positive welfare outcomes that mulesing with pain relief delivers.”
“It is time that industry started to deliver farmers with a solution to this vexed issue. This is an issue that industry must drive and we are committed to this” 
Mr Jackson said that mulesing is a difficult topic for the Australian sheep industry and there are many varying views within the Association.
“The Association has run a process to understand our members’ views and today the decision has been made.”
Date: Tuesday 23 July 2019
Media Contact:  Michael Burt - Media Director | 0428 228 988 | burtm@nswfarmers.org.au