Organic broccoli farmers innovating with powders

Forget broccoli lattes, vegetable powders have many different uses and nutritional benefits – and Kurrawong Organics is banking on the new superfood.


The sheep farmers breeding success through genetics

The Legge family have used strong agribusiness nous to build their stud breeding program at Ridgehaven Poll Dorsets despite family tragedy.


Could Wagga Wagga become the next Silicon Valley?

The country town may not be as glamorous as California but it's becoming an agri-tech hub for young minds, with venture capitalists keen to invest.


Women in agriculture leading from the front

An initiative driven by NSW Farmers is helping female members find their voice and equip them to be better leaders in their community.


Dairy farmers in danger of disappearing from industry

Dairy farmers in NSW are still being gouged by processors and supermarkets. Will the ACCC dairy inquiry recommendations save the struggling industry?


The blueberry farmers growing for a smoother supply chain

Mountain Blue Farms, one of Australia's biggest blueberry producers, is using innovative measures to grow their export market with the help of the CRC.


Farmers turn to renewable energy to combat electricity costs

Electricity prices continue to rise in rural NSW, and farmers like fruit grower Peter West are turning towards solar energy to power their farms.


Sustainable Merino farm turns to perennial grasses

Glenwood Merinos is using SRS genetic principles and native perennials to drive their internationally renowned premium wool enterprise.


Can digital agriculture bring farmers big rewards?

Fully implementing digital agriculture could boost agricultural production by 25%, so what is holding back this boom?


Wool prices are booming, so why is there a shortage of shearers?

Wool prices are strong thanks to the China-fuelled boom, but farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to find good shearers. What is the solution?