Pollination services assured for NSW farmers

Beekeepers have had a challenging few years with drought, bushfire and COVID-19 restrictions all impacting the sector but pollination services for farmers are assured for this year.


How farmers can give agricultural plastic waste the flick

From silage wraps to ag chemical bottles, farmers can be big users of single-use plastics. Now cutting-edge NSW programs are finding new ways to deal with waste.


Kangaroo populations cause havoc for farmers’ crops and livestock

NSW Farmers’ Deniliquin branch chair Amanda Barlow says the Australian government should fund kangaroo exclusion fencing.


Promising future for renewable energy in Australian agribusiness

Renewable energies have been around us from the dawn of time, but now the sun and wind provide farmers with the power to cut costs and emissions.


NSW farmers face scary water crisis despite joyous rain

NSW Farmers’ Water Taskforce knuckles down to ensure rural communities' water management challenges are top priority during drought.


Champions of no-till farming achieve soil health success

Sustainable farming is second nature for the Kelly family who have being using no-till farming practices to avoid soil erosion for generations.


How farmers are adapting to climate change in Australia

Whether you think changing weather is natural, man-made or a myth, farmers are on the frontline of innovation. But is the government taking climate action seriously?


Turning 80 million tonnes of livestock dung into farming profits

The next generation of imported dung beetles are being trialled on NSW farms – and set to bring a multitude of benefits to Australian livestock producers.


Harrisia cactus proves a prickly issue for NSW farmers

“Harrisia cactus needs to be controlled before the drought breaks,” says Boggabilla broadacre cropping farmer and North West Local Land Services board member Richard Clark.


Consumer demand confirms organic farming is no longer a niche

With 51% of the world’s certified organic land in Australia, can farmers harvest enough fresh produce to keep up with consumers?