Aussie farm inventions

Necessity is the mother of invention and Australia’s harsh, unique conditions created plenty of necessity as this collection of farm inventions attests.


From fleece to farmed meat: How alpaca farmers are owning their niche

Innovation isn’t always about high-tech gadgets. Sometimes it’s about developing markets for a niche range – like alpaca products – and finding new ways to cash in.


Wallendbeen farmer proves chemical free cherries are ripe for the picking

2019 NSW Farmer of the Year winner, Chris Hall, shares his secrets on soil health and why cherries without chemicals is a better way to grow.


The rise of NSW craft spirits industry and how farmers can cash in

Ever wondered how gin producers access high-quality local botanicals, like Juniper Berries? Here are some fresh tips to creating new income streams.


Poultry farmers recipe for success with pasture raised black skinned chicken

Great Northern Poultry is challenging Australian eating habits with a rare crossbreed called the Black Namoi and a trial in gourmet duck eggs.


Agtech and innovation a must for prosperous farming future

Australian farmers need to be on the front foot of innovation in agribusiness, says NSW Farmers’ Ag Science Committee chair David Mailler.


Turning 80 million tonnes of livestock dung into farming profits

The next generation of imported dung beetles are being trialled on NSW farms – and set to bring a multitude of benefits to Australian livestock producers.


New saltbush supplement shows promise for farmers in drought

Innovative sheep farmer Brian Wilson transforms Australian native into world first stockfeed pellet.


Australian mushroom growers: the crop that is taking off

The Tolsons are keeping up with the Australian growing demand for mushrooms by investing millions in technology to grow their business.


A cracking good idea pays off for Australian pecan producers

Fifty years ago, Australians had hardly heard of pecans, a North American staple. Now a farm near Moree is the biggest producer in the Southern Hemisphere.