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What's making news in the world of farming across NSW.
Q fever health crisis


Q fever battle: the boy we almost lost

9 year old Beau Beissel nearly died after a hospital failed to order a PCR test for Q fever, despite the urging of his rural GP.


NSW State Election: How will the agricultural industry fare?

NSW Farmers talk to the Minister and Shadow Minister of Primary Industries about how they will help farmers and improve agricultural infrastructure.


Wool prices are booming, so why is there a shortage of shearers?

Wool prices are strong thanks to the China-fuelled boom, but farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to find good shearers. What is the solution?


Drought policies need revising with climate change wreaking havoc

Boggabilla farmer Peter Mailler says that the federal government needs to refocus in order to help farmers suffering through droughts influenced by climate change.


Can digital agriculture bring farmers big rewards?

Fully implementing digital agriculture could boost agricultural production by 25%, so what is holding back this boom?


Flower industry at risk without added biosecurity controls

NSW growers are worried that imported cut flowers, many infested with pests and disease, are putting the flower industry at risk without stricter biosecurity controls.


Milk matters: the dairy farmers innovating through education

Glenmore dairy farmers Gavin and Karina Moore don't just produce sensational milk, they are teaching the younger generation about the importance of the dairy industry.


Q fever health crisis: time to fight rural discrimination

The federal government refuses to subsidise Q fever vaccinations that will give lifetime protection. As the drought worsens rural communities face an increased risk of Q fever. NSW Farmers is lobbying for change.


Mixed-farming family makes its mark over five generations

The Anderson family of Eugowra has built a thriving farming business through thick and thin.


Proposed unified freight rail network would slash farmers' costs

NSW Farmers is lobbying for the entire NSW rail network to be upgraded to the same TAL, which would save farmers in excess of $10 per tonne to transport grains to port.