How to Apply

The NSW Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program is offering rebates that will give eligible farmers and their workers up to $2,000, accessible through a maximum of 2 applications, to implement harm prevention measures in the workplace. This program is funded by SafeWork NSW.

Below is a list of the four eligible safety solutions on offer as part of this rebate package:

•           Up to $2,000 towards the purchase of a side-by-side vehicle. 
•           Up to $600 towards the purchase of each Quadbar ™ Operator Protective Device (OPD) or ATV Lifeguard OPD. 
•           Up to $90 towards the cost of each helmet compliant with NZS 8600:2002, AS/NZS 1698:2006 and/or UNECE22.05.
•           Up to $500 for the purchase one drone from the eligible list (maximum of one per eligible business) 
Workers employed by eligible businesses can access a rebate for a maximum of 1 helmet each.

Fully funded quad bike safety training delivered by Tocal is available for eligible persons. The one day quad bike safety course is tailored to the farming community, delivered regionally and counts as an eligible educative interaction. Eligible participants also receive a free compliant helmet. For further information, visit the Tocal website.  

How do I access the rebates?

Step 1: Confirm eligibility. Click here to check your eligibility. 

Step 2: Attend an eligible educative interaction sponsored by SafeWork NSW. More information here.

Step 3: Purchase a brand new (not second hand) eligible safety solution. Click here for eligible vehicles. Step 3A: If you are intending to apply a rebate for drone, please attain an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) prior submitting your rebate application. 

Step 4: Complete application form. Click here to access the online application form.

Step 5: Submit application to NSW Farmers Association within 6 months of attending an eligible educative interaction.