Thomas Taylor, Paul Lockyer Memorial Scholarship

Hometown: Grenfell, NSW
University: The University of Sydney
Degree: Bachelor of Commerce and Art

Agriculture has always been a focal point in Thomas’s life, and he continues this interest due to the world’s ever growing population which has encouraged the agricultural industry to rapidly evolve with new technologies, practices and values. 

Thomas studied a Bachelor of Commerce and Liberal Studies with majors in International Business and Chinese Studies. Combining business strategy and interaction with a language and culture focus will leave him in good stead for future employment, given Australia’s heavily globalised and interconnected society. 

The Westernisation of China has led to their increased consumer interest in a wide array of fresh, quality produce and with this, Thomas sees great potential to expand Australia’s export market, therefore giving local growers more marketing and selling options to choose from, resulting in higher and more consistent returns. By establishing trade partners in China and building a strong relationship with them, it is his hope that this process can develop and be an important part of innovation and adaptation in Australian Agriculture.