Our Strategy

Our purpose and vision
NSW Young Farmers is seen as the leading advocacy group for young people in agriculture in NSW.
NSW Young Farmers represents and advocates for young people in all areas of agricultural production. We are active in policy and decision making with the NSW Farmers Association. We help grow our members through professional development and engage members and local communities in events across the state.

Our Objectives
We want young people in agriculture to have a voice within the Association and be able to influence policy development and implementation for the benefit of their industries and communities. We want to help young members progress through the Association to leadership roles.

We will
  • Provide a platform to formulate and progress policy positions relevant to Young Farmer issues in
     NSW agriculture.
  • Engage with young people in agriculture across NSW to increase the representation of Young
     Farmers in the Association.
  • Be recognised by decision-makers as the foremost advocacy organisation for youth in agriculture in
  • Deliver services to members that benefit their personal and professional development and enhance
     the image of the broader Association.
  • Support young members to become effective and respected advocates, and encourage succession
     throughout the Association.
  • Act professionally in Young Farmer meetings, representation and engagement with decision-
     makers, and assist the Association in identifying and managing risks.
  • Responsibly manage the funding allocated to Young Farmer Council by the Association, as well as
     funding obtained through alternate avenues.

By focusing on

Professional development –Young Farmer members can explore advocacy roles and representative
     positions, supported by training and leadership opportunities.
  • Business-led upskilling – delivery of Young Farmer Business Program and other skill building courses
     and workshops.
  • Industry Networking – facilitating events and social networks of young farmers through branches,
     activities, and linkages with members of the Association and agricultural industry professionals.
  • Collaborative Leadership – working with stakeholders and partners on shared issues for collective


Young Farmers Strategic Plan

In 2019 the Young Farmer Council commenced a review process of the Association’s Young Farmers structure and operations. Based on this review, the Council developed a revised Strategic Plan including changes to the Young Farmers organisational structure. This Strategic Plan was presented to the NSW Farmers Board and approved in June 2021.