Supply Chain Transformation & Export Readiness

Rising global demand for source-verified, premium food products presents massive opportunities to the Australian economy.

Presently, however, Australian agriculture is structured for commodity supply and we lack the sophisticated infrastructure required to efficiently export fresh and other premium foods at scale and to the demanding specifications required by end markets. 

New technology makes it possible to invest in new value adding capability in our cities and regional towns.   To help promote this investment, NSW Farmers is lobbying for advanced food precincts to be established in association with Western Sydney Airport and in key regional NSW centres.  

In addition, in collaboration with Food Innovation Australia, the University of NSW, and industry partners, we have formed a coalition to establish a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Advanced Urban Agrifood. 

The Advanced Urban Agrifood (AUA) CRC will provide the IP and capability building needed for industry to confidently invest in new approaches to Australian agrifood – whole-of-value chain, high tech, aligned with urban planning and regional development strategy, responsive to consumer needs, and export ready.