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State lockdowns pull handbrake on bumper harvest

Continuing COVID border restrictions are making life difficult for farmers and harvest workers at the start of a bumper season.

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Microgrids set to energise family farms

NSW Farmers says the federal government’s $50 million investment in microgrid technology will boost on-farm renewable efforts.

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Farm safety program launched

NSW Farmers and SafeWork NSW are pleased to be able to announce that the Farm Safety Advisory Program has been launched.

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Country voice needed on phone woes

NSW Farmers has put out the call for people in rural and regional areas to have their say on worsening phone and internet services.

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Call for clarity on alternative protein products

The state's leading agriculture body has told a Senate Inquiry that plant-based proteins should be banned from using words like “meat”, “beef”, “lamb” and “milk”.

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NSW Farmers explores the road to 30 by 30

NSW Farmers will tonight host Regional Transport and Roads Minister Paul Toole in the latest instalment of the “30 by 30” webinar series.

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Worker reforms welcomed by NSW Farmers

NSW Farmers welcomes efforts by the Australian Government to streamline the Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) and the Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) under the new Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme, providing a simplified process for farm busin

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NSW Farmers cuts red tape on bait rebates

Farmers on the front line of the mouse plague will find government support more accessible thanks to the work of NSW Farmers.

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From tanks to tractors: Former soldiers mobilised for harvest duty

NSW Farmers is enlisting the help of former Australian Defence Force servicemen and women to help harvest bumper crops during the pandemic.

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NSW Farmers releases 10-point Ag labour plan

NSW Farmers is responding to the looming harvest worker shortage with a 10-point plan aimed at tackling the ongoing crisis.


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Don't fall for doomsayers' 'hot air'

It’s a fact almost universally accepted that you should never discuss religion or politics in polite conversation. These days, I think we can add climate change to that list, because it can raise the temperature of the room (pardon the pun) like few

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Ag learning key this Ed Week

With a growing global population, food security will be one of the most important issues facing future generations. Paradoxically, these generations might have little to no connection to farming – if current trends continue. This week is Education We

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Plant-based alternatives: a meaty debate

From mock duck to vegan burgers, the imitation game of the “fake meat” sector is strong. The proliferation of plant-based products has sparked significant debate on labelling conventions and even the health benefits of meat ‘alternatives’ compared to