Industry & Policy

Ensuring the future of agriculture in NSW 

NSW Farmers represents the interests of farmers across NSW. We are Australia’s largest state farming organisation giving your voice even greater power on the issues that matter. 

 Our vision is to transform our association into a thought leader on sustainable agriculture, whose opinion is respected and sought after. 

Our expertise

NSW Farmers employs specialists to assist members in getting their voice heard by representing NSW Farmers’ interests when advocating in Macquarie Street and Canberra. Our association champions the views and aspirations of our members. We support public policy and technical innovation aimed at growing agriculture’s contribution to the Australian economy and sustaining the physical environment reflecting the dedicated stewardship of our farmers. New South Wales is developing the world’s best production and marketing practices, joining science and the practical expertise of our farmers.


Cropping & Horticulture
Working on a single united voice, a competitive market for grain and horticulture, effective management of pests and diseases, access to chemicals and country of origin labelling. 
Economics & Rural Affairs

Supporting farming businesses and communities by advocating on drought, natural disasters, telecommunications, primary industry education, transport and local government.


We are advocating for workable and balanced conservation and resource management legislation which promotes rather than restricts sustainable agricultural development. 


Representing members on identification systems, animal health, welfare and biosecurity, market access, predation and access to research, development and extension.