Funding boost to tackle rural crime

Farmers will be better equipped to tackle rural crime and protect their property following the announcement of 26 new police workshops across regional New South Wales.

NSW Farmers’ Association has been awarded more than $165,000 by the NSW Government to go towards the delivery of Security Assessment Workshops during Rural Crime Week 2018. The workshops will be facilitated by Rural Crime Investigators.

NSW Farmers’ policy adviser, Isabella McDougall, said rural crime costs millions of dollars every year and has economic, social and personal impacts for people living in the country.

“For the first 9 months of 2017 the cost of livestock theft to farmers was $2.328 million.

“Preventing rural crime is essential to build a prosperous agricultural sector and vibrant regional communities.   

“This grant provides a unique opportunity to strengthen community engagement, increase reporting of criminal activity and trespass, and ultimately reduce crime,” Ms McDougall said.

Farmers will be able to attend a workshop near them – from Dareton in the West, Moree in the North, and Bateman’s Bay in the south. 

 Participants will come away from each workshop with practical solutions to help them protect their property and livestock.

Date -  20 April 2018
Media Contact - Michael Burt  | 0428 228 988