The Farmer

What's making news in the world of farming across NSW.

Putting a price 
on conservation

If the people of NSW really value biodiversity, it’s time they pick up the cheque, says North West farmer Oscar Pearse.


Increase your yield

Understanding variability is the key to precision agriculture


Killing the river monster

Everyone agrees we need to rid our rivers of European carp. But as the plan to release herpes into our waterways gets closer, the worry remains - will the public ever support the idea?


From lamb to mutton: the $50 difference

What’s in a word? When it comes to sheepmeat, the definitions are vital – and changing!


The sky's the limit

It’s the ultimate overnight success story. In under a year, livestock and grain farmer 
David Mailler has gone from university graduate to world-class solar farmer. 
Here, he shares his vision for powering rural communities


Going for growth with goats

The decision by the Gates family to swap from Merino sheep to rangeland goats has 
reaped them financial rewards and improved the productivity of their land.


Can the China boom last?

Whether it’s milk or beef, grain or infant formula, middle class China can’t get enough of Australian produce. The perception is that our goods are safe and natural - and experts say we have another five years before the wild ride slows.