The Farmer

What's making news in the world of farming across NSW.

How to budge the sludge in your water tank

Sediment in the bottom of your water tank isn’t always a bad thing, but there are times when you need to make a clean start.


Australian dairy farmers step up to save their industry

Dairy farmers from across the state headed for NSW Parliament House to voice their concerns about the challenges of their industry.


A cracking good idea pays off for Australian pecan producers

Fifty years ago, Australians had hardly heard of pecans, a North American staple. Now a farm near Moree is the biggest producer in the Southern Hemisphere.


Emu oil finally takes flight in the Australian market

Emu farming should be highly profitable, with a diverse range of markets and a sought-after oil. So why has this business opportunity proved so difficult to get off the ground?


Family run sustainable paddock-to-plate business tastes good

The Johnson family’s holistic approach to raising cattle, sheep and pigs at Murringo in the Riverina, focuses on the health of their land and animals whilst driving profitability.


Why young farmers are passionate about agriculture

Meet the fresh generation of motivated NSW Young Farmers who will be the future leaders of food and fibre production in the agriculture industry.


Henty farmers committed to regenerative agricultural practices

Grain and wool growers Peter and Alison Campbell balance profitability and sustainability.


Tenterfield farmer tackles the big questions on conservation in agriculture

More than 20 years of active lobbying have proved a valuable grounding for NSW Farmers’ Conservation & Resource Management Committee chair Bronwyn Petrie.


How to protect your farm's biggest assets in drought

SPONSORED: Custom designed fodder storage sheds prove a smart investment for farmers looking to drought-proof their property.


How farmers can cash in on compost

SPONSORED: From improving soil and cost-effective horse bedding to earning cash through carbon credits, compost has some surprising benefits for agriculture.