Key Achievements

Updated November 2019

Cropping and Horticulture

  • $2 million from the NSW Government for a study into farm income protection insurance
  • Expansion of the emergency on-farm water infrastructure rebate to cover permanent horticultural plantings
  • Two rounds of the NSW Health Q fever awareness campaign completed
  • $200,000 for research into a new vaccine for Q fever
  • Toughened biosecurity laws to reduce threats from foot and mouth disease, African Swine Fever, and brown marmorated stink bug
  • Review of training requirements for pesticides users by the Environment Protection Authority

Economics and Rural Affairs

  • Successfully advocated for the Right to Farm Bill that has created stronger trespass laws with harsher penalties
  • Delivered a Coronial General Inquiry into the Sir Ivan Doherty Road Fire resulting in recommendations for improvements in communication before, during and post fires
  • Worked with the energy sector to develop the Energy Industry Customer Charter requiring public accountability by the energy companies, including on affordability
  • Achieved $37.5 million in funding to extend the Wild Dog Exclusion Fence along the western and northern borders (doubling its length)
  • Additional NSW Government funding to repair timber bridges, upgrade local roads, and duplicate the Great Western Highway
  • Additional state and commonwealth funding to improve connectivity (voice and data access) across regional NSW - roll out of blackspot program
  • Led the call for significant NSW Government drought support, resulting in more concessional loans, waivers for LLS rates, western lands rates, water standing charges and other fixed charge relief, and expansion of drought transport subsidies
  • Worked with the NHVR to deliver a new National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Notice to simplify administration and expand movements of oversize overmass vehicles across and within state borders
  • Delivered Security Awareness Workshops to address rural crime and trespass
  • Advocated for improvements to the Farm Household allowance to address administration and access issues
  • Informed the development of the NFF National Drought Policy


  • Right to Farm Bill passes to protect farmers from nuisance complaints
  • Established the NSW Farmers Water Task Force
  • Implemented timelines for the non-urban water metering project extended through NSW
  • Reform of the native vegetation legislation to improve farm productivity and biodiversity
  • Development of tenure neutral NSW Government policy framework for pest and weeds management
  • Deer management no longer subject to game licencing requirements
  • Suspension of onerous tagging and shoot and let lie requirements for kangaroos


  • Government has committed to establishing an Agricultural Commissioner to address right to farm and competition issues
  • Successfully advocated for on-the-spot fines for rural trespassers to recognise the biosecurity risk they create
  • Successfully prevented further regulation being applied to critical on-farm welfare and management practices
  • Finalise reforms to ensure a balanced and fair approach to enforcement activities under animal welfare laws
  • Establishment of a Dairy Advocate and a package of $3.5 million to support the NSW dairy industry
  • $3 million for farmers to build livestock underpasses and the installation of warning lights
  • Successfully advocated for the development of a Mandatory Code of Conduct for the dairy industry
  • Developed a robust and aspirational Red Meat Industry Strategic Plan for the next 10 years
  • Protected the mob based traceability system for goats and sheep
  • Successfully opposed the development of a rangeland goat harvester licensing scheme
  • Secured a national definition for free range eggs
  • Developed a unified industry position on the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry that supports all production systems
  • Creation of the Seafood Innovation Fund to provide the aquaculture industry access to low interest loans

Young Farmers

  • Introduction of a concessional AgriStarter loans program to help new farmers purchase a majority share, or total share of a
  • $400,000 from the NSW Government for a business coaching pilot and grants for leadership and development
  • New policy, advocacy and media training opportunities for our young farmer representatives
  • Over 50 events delivered by the Young Farmer Business Program, many in conjunction with NSW Young Farmers
  • Successfully made constitutional changes to allow for better representation across the state on the Young Farmer Council
  • Successfully advocated for a new policy to encourage research into alternative fuel sources

Workplace Relations

  • $2.8 million to extend the Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program (including rebates) to 2021 and expansion to include drone rebates
  • Co-party contributor to National Farmers’ Federation proceedings to restrain the extreme ACTU “domestic violence” and “casual conversion” applications that would affect farm business operations
  • Co-party contributor to the National Farmers’ Federation involvement in court proceedings to defend piecework agreement in the Horticulture Award
  • Established a Farm Safety Advisory Pilot Program through funding secured from SafeWork NSW