Policy Wins

NSW Farmers delivers results that matter for farming businesses.

Here’s a sample of the wins we’ve had in the last 6 months.
Cropping and Horticulture
  • Secured  a trial program in the Moree Plains Shire Council to assist growers moving farm machinery—this should speed up approvals for permits.
  • Worked with NFF to successfully reduce the Federal Governments backpacker tax.
  • Secured funding of up to $7 million to protect vulnerable fruit crops from flying foxes by implementing a netting scheme.
  • Established an industry panel to address concerns about farm machinery insurance following header fires during last years harvest. 
Economics and Rural Affairs
  • $6 billion for infrastructure in regional NSW, which enhances the productive capacity of regional and rural NSW.
  • Achieved removal of red tape on the movement of tractors and the removal of distance limitations on conditional registrations for agricultural machinery. 
  • Achieved the addition of minimum 25/5 Mbps speed standard across all NBN networks in the new Telecommunications Reform Package.
  • Supported the introduction of a new Crown Lands Management Act, which will allow more flexibility for Western Lands Leases.
  • Successful in securing legislation that will repeal the Native Vegetation Act and re-write NSW biodiversity laws.
  • Strengthened landholder rights for mining and CSG access including capped landholder costs to be paid by miners to negotiate land access agreements, and a voluntary buyback scheme for opal mining.
  • State wide reviews of weeds and pests towards a tender neutral, coordinated, strategic and adequately resourced approach.
  • Successfully objected to an IPART recommendation that the exemption from paying rates currently applicable to land that is below the high water mark and used for the cultivation of oysters, be removed.
  • Secured a national definition of ‘free range eggs’, a win for farmers and consumers.
  • Gained $200,000 from NSW Health for a Q Fever awareness program and rural GP training.
  • Secured funding from the NSW Government for $1.5 million project to build rapport and engagement with the community on agricultural practices.
  • Supported a federal inquiry by the ACCC into the Australian Dairy Industry.
Research and Development
  • Started a Beef export supply chain innovation project in relation to increasing farm gate value and improving producer access to markets in China.
  • Partnered with Local Land Services to complete the Next Gen Compost Project in regards to establishing environmentally friendly compost products.
  • Proposal made for a major study in distributed energy and regional electricity supply solutions developed with support from key research and energy industry stakeholders.
Young Farmers
  • Secured $6 million from the NSW Government for the Young Farmer Business Project from the 2017/2018 Budget.
  • Young Farmer Business Project committed to four more years of collaborative commitment between NSW Farmers and NSW Department of Primary Industries.
  • Established 6 new P&A Branches to create a meaningful channel for farmers under 35 to participate in policy discussion and development.
​​...and in your local area
  • Lismore Branch lobbied for removal of mandatory Environmental Zones (e-zones) from farming land by the Lismore City Council.
  • South West Riverina Young Farmer Branch achieved 200% membership growth in 2016. 
  • Coffs Harbour Branch lobbied for the removal of proposed wildlife corridors and have formed a Council Agricultural Advisory Group.
  • Mirrool Creek Branch worked to have Ardlethan tin mine proposal for waste tip rejected.
  • Successful RMS field day held at Forbes and organised by Parkes and Forbes Branches.
  • Cooma Branch pushed for a case study to be undertaken into Grasslands codes under the Native Veg Regulations.
  • Branches in the Western Division jointly lobbied for the Far West Initiative to be delayed until all landholders.