Privacy Statement

In its normal operations as a membership based organisation the New South Wales Farmers’ Association (“NSWFA”) collects and holds personal information, an example being the information which is provided in membership application forms. We recognise the importance of protecting the privacy of individual’s personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principals (“APP”).

1 Why Do We Collect Personal Information

1.1 Our purposes for collecting and holding personal information are:

A. to enable applications for membership to be made and assessed and applicants to become members;
B. to enable us to offer products and services to members;
C. to enable us to keep members informed by means of various media about issues affecting industry sectors, policy initiatives, industrial awards and upcoming events;
D. to organise our conferences, functions, events, seminars, meetings and generally to manage the membership so as to fulfil our functions;
E. to enable us to comply with our constitutional obligations, such as notices of meetings, election of officers and voting processes, and renewal of memberships;
F. to ensure the NSWFA complies with its obligations as a Registered Organisation under the provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 (as amended from time to time);
G. to enable us to assess job applications and to employ staff.

2 What If We Do Not Collect Personal Information

2.1 We only collect from you the personal information needed for you to participate in membership or if you deal with us on a basis other than membership, the personal information necessary to enable you to deal with us. If we do not collect this personal information it would not be possible for you to become a member, participate in membership, or deal with us in some other capacity.

3 Do We Disclose Personal Information

3.1 We do not give personal information to third parties for the purpose of direct marketing but we may use personal information for the purpose of offering products and services to members. Members may elect to opt out of receiving such communications by sending an email or letter to the Privacy Officer and we must action the members request within a reasonable period.

3.2 From time to time we disclose member’s personal information to: 

A. NSWFA branch Presidents to assist in branch activities;
B. NSWFA branch delegates, delegates or committee’s;
C. companies with which we have partnership arrangements, to enable members to obtain discounted goods or services;
D. companies engaged in processing or dealing with commodities in connection with and for the purpose of calculating our membership fees or levies;
E. national councils or other peak commodity bodies in which we or our commodity groups participate;
F. banks or lending institutions with which the NSWFA has banking arrangements that relate to your membership of the NSWFA;
G. debt collection agencies with which the NSWFA has commercial arrangements that relate to your membership of the NSWFA and the payment of any membership fees;
H. government departments and/or third parties who are funding projects that the NSWFA and its members are involved in;
I. NSWFA’s advisors;
J. suppliers of IT services and/or membership marketing and renewal services;
K. third parties engaged by the NSWFA to provide services to you for the purpose of, providing services requested by you or to protect any intellectual property rights in any materials displayed on or otherwise available from NSWFA’s website;
L. associated or subsidiary organisations which we administer;
M. media organisations, in circumstances where the personal information relates to an elected representative of the NSWFA or an agreed NSWFA spokesperson, and the media organisation is seeking comment on an issue of which that person has knowledge.

4 Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy appears on our website ( and a hard copy can be obtained by contacting the Privacy Officer (1300 794 000).
Our privacy policy contains information about the following matters: 

A. what personal information is collected by us;
B. the security and disclosure of personal information;
C. how you may access personal information about you which is held by us and how you may request correction of the information;
D. how you may make a complaint if you believe we have breached the APP’s and how we will deal with any such complaint.

5 Disclosure to Overseas Recipients

Please refer to our Privacy Policy. We do not consider it likely that we will disclose any of your 5.1personal information to overseas recipients, but if such a disclosure were to occur we recognise our obligations under the APP’s in this respect.

6 Contact Details

You can contact or advise our Privacy Officer of any request for access or to correct your 6.1information, or to request your information be removed. Our Privacy Officer can be contacted through our Member Service Centre in the following ways:

- Telephone: during business hours on 1300 794 000 at a local call cost.
- Email:
- Fax: to the attention of The Privacy Officer c/o Member Service Centre on 02 8282 4500.
- Mail: The Privacy Officer c/o The Workplace Relations Team, NSW Farmers’ Association, Level 4, 154 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065

7 Privacy Officer

The Privacy Officer is the Director of Workplace Relations.

8 Availability of this Policy

This Statement is available on our website. A hard copy can be obtained by contacting the Privacy Officer.

Reviewed May 2019.