Agricultural Renewable Energy Acceleration (AREA) Project

The NSW agricultural sector can make a major contribution to carbon emissions reduction through adopting renewable energy and substituting diesel with alternatives such as electric and hydrogen to power machinery and equipment. With energy becoming a growing cost for producers, it is vital to investigate the options for industry and regional communities in adapting to this change, such as new technology for renewable generation, energy storage, and smart grid control. 

NSW Farmers’ has recently collaborated with the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to deliver the Agricultural Renewable Energy Acceleration Initiative (AREA). As part of this project, we have produced an Energy Productivity Guide for Dairy Farms, two case studies examining Dairy Energy Efficiency Options, and a final report on the AREA Initiative. These can be found below. 

Energy Productivity Guide

[Download - Guide]
(Adobe PDF File)

Case Studies

[Download - Case Studies]
(Adobe PDF File)

Final Report - AREA Initiative

[Download - Final Report]
(Adobe PDF File)

Funding Acknowledgment

The Agriculture Renewable Energy Project has been conducted as part of the NSW Primary Industries Climate Change Research Strategy funded by the NSW Climate Change Fund.