Making a Donation to support farmers and regional communities affected by Natural Disasters (Floods, Fires and Drought)

If you are considering support for farmers or those in regional communities affected by natural disasters (flood, fire and drought) there are a number of registered charities that can be contacted. There are specific charities for farmers, and other charities that support rural communities more broadly.
NSW Farmers’ does not specifically endorse any single charity, however the links below to registered charities may be worth investing. Terms and Conditions of use of this page are here.

Additionally the NSW Farmers Natural Disaster Relief Fund is a long-standing registered charity established by NSW Farmers with a focus on disbursing donations to primary producers who have suffered loss as a result of natural disasters.

Primary Producer focused charities

BlazeAid  –  a volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods, working alongside the rural families to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed.

Country Women’s Association (CWA) - Disaster Relief Fund - is used to assist Australians who have been adversely affected by a disaster. This fund is tax deductible. 

Rural Aid - Rural Aid supports primary producers through free fodder and water deliveries, financial assistance and mental wellbeing counselling. Rural Aid is committed to supporting Australian farmers through its Disaster Assistance initiatives and its Stronger Futures programs. Donations can be made at 
Aussie Helpers - Co-founded by Brian and Nerida Egan Aussie Helpers aim is to stay in touch with 100’s of farming families to ensure their well-being and survival through good and bad times.

Community and faith-based charitable organisations

Salvation Army -

Mission Australia

Anglicare Australia

Lions Clubs -