Empowering Women in Farming Businesses

Women are estimated to provide one-third of on-farm income, often through the management of the farm business itself (ANZ 2020) yet are often not specifically trained in these skills. Alongside this, there are an increasing number of women looking for entrepreneurial ways to market and sell their farms output or value-added products but may not have the support or networks to successfully pursue these pathways. 

The ’Empowering Women in Farming Businesses’ program aims to assist women involved in farming businesses to access the tools and networks they may need to improve and develop their business and decision-making skills, as well as expand relevant networks who can provide further support. 

NSW Farmers will deliver up to 10 events across NSW in 2024, and are looking for interested individuals, groups, and networks to assist in the codesign of these events to ensure they are delivering maximum benefit to women and their local communities and industries.   


Karen Weller, Project Officer 
[email protected]