Powertec Wireless Technology Connectivity Solutions

‘Everyone relies on their mobile phone working, they expect the network providers to give you network coverage wherever you are, whether that’s in the basement of a high-rise building or at the bottom of a valley on a farm. ‘But it’s not economical for our telecommunications companies to reach every possible place in Australia, and they are not required to do so.’ Ran McDonald, Managing Director, Powertec Wireless Technology. 
With the remoteness of farming locations in NSW, getting connected is often a challenge in itself. It is widely accepted that connectivity, usability and customer service are the main barriers to adoption of emerging technology in the farming sector.

Powertec aims to bridge the connectivity divide by providing NSW Farmers' members direct access to the latest innovations in communication technology with an exclusive member discount of 10% on all full priced products. Powertec is the largest global distributor of Nextivity’s Cel-Fi GO the only legal and carrier approved mobile repeater designed to boost mobile signal. 

To receive your discount please enter your NSWF Member Number in to the Coupon Code field in the shopping cart section of the Powertec website (see below for full instructions).


Open the Powertec website


Browse for products or you can use the search function in the top left-hand corner to find the item that you wish to purchase.

Adding items to cart.

Once you have found the item you wish to purchase click on the Add to Cart button.

Backordered items

If the item is unavailable, then the site will advise you that it is on Backorder.

Viewing Shopping Cart

To view your shopping cart click on the icon in the top right hand corner of the website.

Shopping Cart - Discount code

To receive your discount enter your NSWF Member No in to the Discount Code field and then click on the Apply Coupon button.

If you require assistance there is a contact number located in the Call us section of the page.

Discount Confirmation

if you receive a "Does not exist" message, retry your member number again, if you still receive the same message please contact the NSWF Member Service Centre on 1300 794 000.

Discount Value

Your discount will appear above the Order Total.

Calculate Shipping

To calculate the shipping for your items, click on Calculate Shipping link.

Calculate Shipping

Fill in location information then click on the Update totals.

Check out

Once you have selected the desired shipping choice, click on the Check Out button.

Delivery Details

Fill in your delivery details, please note deliveries can not be made to a PO Box.

Please Note - You will only need to do this the first time that you place an order with us. When you come back in the future you hit the “Returning customer” at the top of the page .
If you did not enter your membership number in the earlier screens you can enter it by clicking on the  “Have a coupon”

Submitting Order

Once you have filled in your payment details please click on the Place Order button.

You will then receive confirmation of the order.