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The NSW Farmers’ Association Thinking Agriculture series aims to identify key industry issues and opportunities for NSW farmers and identify practical solutions in overcoming challenges and exploiting opportunities.

Competition Policy & Food Supply Chains: Time for a rethink

July 2019
The introduction of competition across food supply chains has not created the value and benefits expected of a competitive market. This failure has hurt the weakest involved in these supply chains; farmers and consumers. This discussion paper suggests solutions and reforms to competition provisions to address this issue. [View Report]

Growing NSW’s Food Economy – Linking Western Sydney and the Central West

August 2018
The report puts forward a bold vision to transform Western Sydney into the heart of NSW’s economic growth, via a food precinct at the Western Sydney Airport, and Central West NSW into the shining example of successful decentralisation, where the region’s natural advantages in food production are utilised to create new economic opportunities. To do this physical and digital connectivity between Western Sydney and the Central West must be significantly improved.  [View Report]

Creating a Fresh Food Precinct – The Dutch Experience

April 2018
The NSW Farm Writers’ Association invited Mr Frank van Beuningen, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, to provide a blue print to establish an export oriented fresh food precinct in Western Sydney. Mr Beuningen provided an overview of the two decade journey that made the Netherlands, a country the size of Sydney, into the second largest food exporter in the world.  [Watch Video]

The future of electricity for rural electricity users 

March 2018
Ash Salardini, Chief Economist at the NSW Farmers’ Association, provided an overview at the Energy Consumers Australia Fore-sighting Forum on the future of retail energy markets in rural and regional Australia, and the need for truly competitive and innovative retail markets in regional geographies. [watch video]

The Future of Electricity in Regional NSW

November 2017
The Future of Electricity in Regional NSW identifies the challenges and potential solutions for affordable and reliable electricity for our regional and rural communities. The NSW Farmers Association is taking the lead on providing practical solutions to ensure that in the near future the provision of electricity becomes an enabler for the growth of farming and regional communities, not the significant impost that it currently is.  [View Report]

Think Big Think Fresh: A Fresh Food Precinct for Western Sydney Airport

November 2017
The development of the Western Sydney Airport (WSA) Precinct provides a once in a generation opportunity  to transform NSW agriculture into a high value high tech industry, and provide thousands of skilled jobs for the people of Western Sydney. The Report, prepared by KPMG, recommends a Fresh Food Precinct for WSA including, export orientated food processing, high tech agriculture, and a fresh food market collocated within the airport precinct. [View Report]

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